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Holidays To Malaysia

Malaysia is one of destination country in Asia for those people who want to travel and tour to Malaysia during their holidays time in summer. There are three big culture in Malaysia "Melayu, China, and India". In some area or region, still they have ethnic community such as in Sabah and Sarawak. Kuala Lumpur is capital of Malaysia, you will see multiracial community are enjoy their life in this region.

Every year the government of Malaysia preparing them self to be ready as first destination country in Asia for the tourism, especially in 2008. Many exhibition has done in others countries about beautiful place and interesting programs for the tourism who want to visit and tour to Malaysia, especially in Malaysian embassy. Most popular destination for tourims in Malaysia are Langkawi, Port Dickson, Penang, Malacca, Nilai, Frasiers Hils, Cameroon Highlands.

  • Holidays Tour to Malaysia - Langkawi

  • Langkawi Island is one of the most beautiful and magical tropical destinations in the north western coast of Peninsular Malaysia. You can go to this place from Penang city by ferry about 2,5 hours or it will take 1,5 hour by flight from Malaysian International air port. There are 99 small islands in this area, if you want to see them there is special expedition for the tourism. You can go to high place and walk on the Sky bridge to see the beautiful scenery of Langkawi Islands.

    Others interesting activity that on the Langkawi Island are diving, fishing and swimming in the beach. There are many hotel with international services and ready to give you special Malaysian menu in this area.

  • Holidays Tour to Malaysia - Port Dickson

  • Port Dickson is a beautiful seaside resort town facing the Straits of Malacca, located in the negeri sembilan region. You can reach there only 1,5 hour from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This place become famous destination for the tourism to relax and have fun by the beach while the white foam sea lure them for a swim. This place has known as Malay Fishing Village, many star hotel are along the beach such as Avillon hotel, Corus Paradise, Sunshine Bayresort. Interesting attraction in this place is water sport.

  • Holidays Tour to Malaysia - Penang

  • Penang's beaches are undoubtably the biggest tourist drawcard in the region, You can explore and get away from Georgetown, Penang's main city. You will see small Chinatown in this region. If you are in Penang for holidays, Bukit Tambun is one of the place that you should not miss especially when you are a fan of delicious seafood.

    There are some interesting place to be destination for tourism such as one of the hills overlooking the western coast of the island and Kek Lok Si Temple (one of the largest Chinese temples in Malaysia) and beautiful scenery beach.

  • Holidays Tour to Malaysia - Malacca

  • Malacca is the historical state of Malaysia, rich with heritage buildings, ancient landmarks and colonial structures. Malacca is the second smallest Malaysian state, after Perlis. In Malacca, you can still see the imprints of British, Dutch and Portuguese forces left behind in forts, museums, churches and towers.

    You can enjoy a variety of hotels in Malacca that range from budget hotels to international standard resorts. This place is most famous shopping market for buy antiques thing, handicrafts and cultural souvenirs. Malacca, although a small state, still has some adventures in nature to offer. You can go to Air Keroh Recreational Forest, Air Keroh Lake, Agropark, Crocodile Farm and Melaka Zoo.

  • Holidays Tour to Malaysia - Cameroon Highlands

  • Cameroon Highlands is situated on the northwest corner border of Pahang. It's nestles among the central mountain range, which is 1,524 metre above sea-level. The Cameroon Highlands has certainly attracted many local and foreign tourists.

    This place is well-known for its tea plantation, fresh vegetables plots and terraces, a much pleasant nature view compared to the concrete jungle in the big city. There are also others interesting destination for the tourism if they want to tour to Malaysia and explore the Cameroon Highlands such as the Vegetable Farm, Strawberry Farm, Rose Garden Nurseries, Sam Poh Buddhist Temple, Nature's Hills - stroll along the highlands, Tanah Rata - the principal town in Cameron Highlands / 18-hole golf course, Boh Tea Estate, Flower Nurseries - Malaysia's leading exporter of fresh flowers, Robinson Falls.

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