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Adventure Travel to Egypt

Egypt is one of adventure travel destinations in the world, Many people they spend their holidays to Egypt and experience a country of rugged, harsh beauty mixed with reminders of the most impressive ancient civilization known to man.

In Egypt, people are generally courteous and hospitable also expect similar respect from visitors. Because Egypt is a Muslim country, dress should be conservative and women should not wear revealing clothes, particularly when in religious buildings and in towns (although the Western style of dress is accepted in modern nightclubs, restaurants, hotels and bars in Cairo, Alexandria and other tourist destinations).

There are many travel destinations in Egypt for tourism, such as Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and the Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel, Felucca on the Nile.

  • Cairo is capital city for the Egypt, this place is the greatest city in the Islamic world. Tour travel in Cairo you will see the monuments and medieval customs thrive in a cosmopolitan, modern city. In this place also you can visit Egyptian Museum and other historical and religious sites.

  • Luxor is one of best destination for visitor or tourism. Luxor as a large town, awash with hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops, with most of its economy coming from tourism. A highlight place in Luxor is the Karnak Temple, monument in Egypt except perhaps the Pyramids of Giza and is a must on any Egypt tour.

    On the West Bank of the Nile is the vast Theban Necropolis, containing some of the world’s finest tombs: the Valley of the Kings; Valley of the Queens; and Tombs of the Nobles. Highlights include the Tomb of Tutankhamun; Ramses II; and the Tomb of Nefertari, reputed to be the country’s finest, which is newly restored and allows only 150 visitors a day for 10 minutes.

  • Adventure travel to Egypt its better for you come to Elsewhere, In this place there are more ancient tombs and pyramids outside the city, more difficult to get to but much less crowded. You will see historical of the Old Kingdom’s capital Memphis; the necropolis at Saqqara, with the Step Pyramid older than those at Giza, with well-preserved wall reliefs and royal tombs.

  • Adventure holidays cruise the Nile River is one of great destination, Many tour operators offer Nile cruises by fishing in River Nile, Felucca. The perfect relaxing antidote to a busy Egypt adventure trip, here you can watching Egypt glide by and sleeping under the stars.

  • Other destination for the tourism in egypt is Alexandria. This place is more Mediterranean than Arabic, it was always considered affluent and liberal, and still attracts wealthy Cairenes as a summer retreat.

    Alexandria is the second city for Egypt, here is less chaotic than Cairo, and famed for its numerous Hellenistic and Roman relics from the age when it was the cultural capital of Europe. Most popular for tourism when they are travel in this area are swimming and diving, although beaches tend to be overcrowded in summer. Ma’amoura is a more liberal and Westernised beach, and further out of the city Agami and Hannoville are cleaner and less crowded. Diving is possible on Montazah beach.

  • Some of Travel agency they have offers special adventure travel for those people who want to go to Egypt as tourism, such as "Cairo & the Eternal Nile River" cruise tour. The agency will bring you cruise the cairo and enjoy of explorations and cultural activities around of nile river.

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    At 10/11/2007, Blogger roentarre said...

    I really enjoy your layout and the content. Comprehensive and beautiful to look at.

    A nice start :)


    At 2/27/2008, Anonymous Egypt Holiday said...

    Pyramids and pharaohs: The ancient civilized cultures have become a synonym for Egypt. Their power was based on the fertility of the silt of the Nile on fields of the fellahs - from upper Egypt to Alexandria. Today around 70 million people live in the Nile basin on farming and tourism.

    At 4/30/2008, Blogger free said...

    wow this is amazing ..!!!!!!!!!!!
    all of them are adventure place....

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    At 2/08/2009, Anonymous Nepal Trekking said...

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    At 10/06/2009, Anonymous Bhutan Holiday said...

    Egypt is truly a wonderful place. It along with bhutan and tibet is my favorite travel destination.

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    Egypt is quite famous for it's ancient civilized cultures and Pyramids.
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    At 5/19/2010, Anonymous holidays in egypt said...

    Egypt is famous for its pyramids. You can visit them if you are holidaying in Sharm El Sheikh however I do have to warn you it is five hours by bus. Many have said it is worth the trip. If you have had your fill of site seeing then Sharm El Sheikh offers miles of beaches to sunbath and relax on. There are also plenty of diving sites along the beach to choose from the diving here is likely to be among the best you will ever experience. Some diving sites will be busier than others so it is best to plan ahead to ensure a good day out there is 10 miles of beach so this shouldnt be too taxing.

    At 7/29/2010, Anonymous Heathrow car said...

    A desert safari expedition or scuba diving trip are packed with thrill, fun and excitement.Egypt offers a wide choice of activities, both overland and underwater for the traveller seeking a truly unique experience.

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