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Holidays To Copacabana Beach - Brazil

Brazil is the biggest country in South America, This is an interesting place for tourism to spent their holiday times. Brazil is a seductive country with dazzling beaches, tropical islands and picturesque colonial towns. When someone hears the word Brazil, one thinks of the great Amazon forest, fantastic beaches, great soccer players, Carnival time - and that's all.

There is an unquestionable charm and passion to Brazil and its people that sweeps along visitors like the inimitable charm of the samba rhythms. The most visited places in Brazil includes Fernando de Noronha Island, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (the two bustling megacities of the south-east), the more relaxed city of Salvador in the northeast, or the old colonial towns of Ouro Preto and Olinda. Those tourism who looking for natural beauty, They can try to visit "Iguacu Falls".

Well, now we will focus to Rio de Janeiro. Holidays to Brazil don't forget to visit Copacabana in the Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. Copacabana is a place for adventure, It's located in the southern zone of the city Rio de Janeiro, famous for its 4 km beach which is one of the most famous of the world.

Copacabana beach is a unique property, consisting of two separate levels, each air conditioned with uninterrupted, magical and breathtaking views of beaches (also MacMaster's) and ocean as far as the eye can see. There are also fine examples of Art Deco architecture in the area, such as the Copacabana Palace Hotel which was built in 1923.

Copacabana beach located in front of the black and white wavy mosaics on Avenida Atlântica which were designed by Burle Max, the area is busy both day and night and lined with shops, bars, restaurants and luxury hotels. Copacabana begins at Princesa Isabel Avenue and ends at Posto Seis (lifeguard watchtower Six). Beyond Copacabana, there is the small Arpoador beach, followed by the famous borough of Ipanema.

Copacabana beach resort has excellent transportation connections to other beaches lying around Rio with abundance of taxies, buss stops and vans passing the main Copacabana beach street of Avenida Atlantica. Copacabana beach resort is considered a Manhattan with bikinis and a center of activity both night and day.

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At 12/16/2008, Anonymous Roslan said...

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At 4/23/2010, Anonymous Steven said...

One thing that I love about the beaches of Brazil are the food that the locals are offering and the friendliness of the people. Well, one of the reasons why my friends and I got into the country is because of the amazement (I would say infatuation) of my friend to his girlfriend who is a Brazilian. Well, she truly is beautiful and when I arrived in the country, my mouth just opened up in the disbelief that I can be on one beach and be circled by beautiful women who looks like models and beauty queens.

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